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Reach out in any stage of your business expansion & cross the boarders with us.

Why to do business abroad?

Higher Renevue

A bigger market means more potential customers and therefore more revenue.

Greater Talent

Employees with experience in foreign markets will enrich your company with new know-how.

of revenue stream

Diversifying your markets will ensure more stable revenues and reduce the risks associated with one country's economic problems.

Brand Reputation

Success in the international market will improve your brand reputation and increase the credibility of your entire company.

Access to new

Once the potential of the Czech market has been exhausted, expansion abroad will offer the opportunity to attract new customers.

Gain competitive

From oversaturated markets, you can move into an environment with minimal competition, where you can more easily become an industry leader.

Grow your business abroad

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Those who trust us

Meet our CEO Roman Teuschel

Roman has been working in marketing and e-commerce practically since high school. His major breakthrough came in 2015, when he joined, the largest e-shop in the Czech Republic. For about 4 years he was involved in e-commcerce and SEO, where he was already leading his team at that time.

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