Marketplaces in Europe

✓ onboarding and support for the E-commerce marketplace of your choice
✓ content optimization for the visibility of products in online marketplaces
✓ detailed advertising recommendations for a high number of platforms

With our marketplaces services, we offer

Selection of an online marketplace

We guide you through the sometimes complicated process of selecting an online marketplace. Our team members help you to find the best fitting marketplace based on our knowledge and experience with diverse platforms across Europe. Different platforms have different advantages and we want to make sure you achieve the best fit with your specific business requirements.

Onboarding and account setup

We can assume the completion of the onboarding process. We check the detailed requirements and what different types of integration are recommended for you. In some cases your product information can be mirrored to more marketplaces by just one single account setup.

Proofreading and optimization of product descriptions

We take a detailed look at your product descriptions. We double-check your translations to different languages and adjust the texts according to specific keywords. Product descriptions often have a lot of optimization potential.

Clarification of technical requirements

The integration of your product data can be realized by different kinds of interfaces. In our services, we verify the compatibility early on and ascertain that only technically combinable online marketplaces are pursued.

Additional advertising options inside of marketplaces

Many online selling platforms offer additional advertisement possibilities that go beyond the optimization of your product data. We choose the best of these opportunities to leverage the benefits of each marketplace.

Roman Teuschel

CEO of eVisions International

Results of marketplace integration

  1. Diversification of your sales channels. An online marketplace can be one of your different pillars to link your products to customers. Trying different E-Commerce marketplaces can reduce your dependence on single sales channels.
  2. Cross international boundaries easily. Certain digital platforms are particularly present in single markets. Others offer the same services across different countries. You can use such patterns to the advantage of your business and utilize marketplaces for online expansions abroad.
  3. Gain access to cutting-edge technological solutions. Many marketplace providers invest actively in the development of digital tech solutions. Depending on the online marketplace you can test customized digital advertising options and profit from automated solutions.
  4. Entry to new customer groups. Some clients are especially loyal to a certain online marketplace and they might not have encountered your products without the digital platform. Since some marketplaces also offer options to communicate brand messages, they can be suitable to reach new customer groups.
  5. Benefit from simplified customer service and financial processing. Many marketplaces do not only offer to provide your products online but also serve with initial customer service and the handling of transactions.
  6. Win-Win partnership with the platform. It is also in the interest of marketplaces to have a stable and diverse supply by merchants and producers. Thus, many are helping local suppliers and run campaigns regularly.

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