Localisation Analysis

✓ in-depth analysis of how well your webpage is adapted to the local market.
✓ detailed explanation and recommendation on how to fix issues.
✓ support and consultation during the implementation of modifications.

During our Localisation Analysis we evaluate your website for

identifing competitors


We recommend changes in terms of grammar, spelling, wording, and punctuation. Also, we take into consideration SEO aspects and marketing speech.

Analyse der Indexierung während des technischen Audits

Meta Data

Our localisation analysis also includes a review of your website's meta data. Among other things, we check your meta descriptions, page titles and URLs for content and length.

User Experience

We analyze your home and product pages in terms of user experience and show you how to better communicate your unique selling points, trust signals, payment options, shipping and return policies to the customer.

Order Process

We check your shopping cart and order process with regard to the user experience as well as legal aspects. For example, we examine whether the customer completes a legally binding purchase in the respective country at the end of the ordering process.

inhaltsanalyse im technischen seo

Legal Aspects

We check if your website complies with the respective country-specific legislation for online stores. For this purpose, we analyze your privacy policy, cookie banner, imprint and the cancellation policy.

Roman Teuschel

CEO of eVisions International

Results of a Localisation Analysis

  • Improved usability and attractiveness of your website by communicating USPs (“Unique Selling Points”), trust signals, payment, shipping and return policies.
  • No legal problems in the respective target country due to the correct implementation of cookie banner, imprint and privacy policy.
  • Higher conversion rate on your site due to a linguistically and content-wise correctly structured website.
  • More website traffic due to a better ranking of the website, as it has a much lower bounce rate after implementing our localization recommendations.
  • Investments in off-page online advertisement pays off if the landing page is well localised.

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