Market Analysis

✓ Thorough analysis of the target market and target group
✓ Assessment of the market potential
✓ Development of an expansion strategy for your business

The Market Analysis covers the following aspects

Description of the market

We identify and evaluate the target market for your product. This includes an assessment of the market size as well as current market developments as well as new trends.

Research of the relevant target group

Through target group analysis, we gain relevant insights into the potential target group and their buying habits, which may be very different from what you know in your home country.

Competitor identification

In the course of a market analysis, you will also learn who the future competitors in the foreign market are and how the competition in your industry behaves and shapes itself in general.

Market potential

We provide an assessment of the market potential of your product. In doing so, we include tax law and company-specific issues.

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Development of a strategy

Based on the above steps, we develop a vision and strategy from a marketing perspective. When assessing the expansion project, we take into account, among other things, your company structure (SWOT analysis).

Roman Teuschel

CEO of eVisions International

Results of a Market Analysis

  • With a profound market analysis you will uncover risks and threats of expansion for your specific business.
  • At the same time, you learn where your strengths and weaknesses are hidden and where you still have deficits.
  • You will learn what strategy your competitors are pursuing and in which marketing channels they are investing.
  • In addition, you will receive information about the specific industry requirements of your target market.
  • Based on the insights gained, you can plan the expansion strategy and the individual executive steps.

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