eVisions Highlights from #semWAW Conference

Autor Miroslava Kuběnová Miroslava Kuběnová

On 22 March, the semWAW conference took place. In this article, I will highlight some of the crucial information. You can look forward to hearing about a Lego man named Hubbs and his Google Knowledge Graph and more.

SemWAW is a conference taking place in Google Campus in Warsaw and is oriented toward sharing know-how useful for startups. That is not all. Networking, discussions and the creation of new connections with professionals from SEO and PPC fields are just the cherry on top. 

We had the pleasure to join both occasions and on the latest one in Warsaw, we had the opportunity to be represented by our International Team Leader, Ania Podruczna, who has won Call4Papers and has presented about Visegrád 4 e-commerce solutions. In the presentation, you could find general information about the V4 markets like payment methods, market value and TOP e-commerce categories. Ania shared with the audience e-commerce trends within those four countries with examples of brands that creatively applied them. Moreover, participants could learn about the example of the successful online expansion to Hungary. She has successfully performed and after the presentation has received positive feedback on the topic and kudos for the interesting know-how shared. 

Feel free to check the short reel from #semWAW on our eVisions International Instagram. 

That is not all. Keep reading for more useful tips

The program was more than enriching, we could listen to presentations from Marcin Żmuda about How to build a Google Knowledge Panel or   Łukasz Chwiszczuk and his speech on Why Startups Shouldn’t Do Advertising. Last but not least, cannot forget to mention the interesting presentation of Łukasz Zelezny and the topic “SEO, AI and APIs – so don’t litter the internet” and, at the end of the day (literally, since the presentation took place at 10 pm), presentation of Przemysław Modrzewski with insightful “Analytical LEGO™ framework” full of GA4 tips.

I would like to share more insights from the presentation that specifically draw my attention.

Google Knowledge Panel presentation by Marcin Zmuda.

Marcin has come up with an original presentation including Lego aspects for proper example, easier explanation of the knowledge graph implementation and audience amusement. 

Below you can see the Harl Hubbs “person” profile used for the presentation with date, place of birth, job and catalogue number.

With this created “person” Marcin gave us an example of what the knowledge graph looks like. Below it is shown directly in SERP.

This brings me to the next point.

Why is Google Knowledge Graph important? 

The Google Knowledge Graph is like a big library that Google uses to quickly show you info right next to the search results. It is handy because it lets you get a quick snapshot of what you are looking for, like facts about places, people, businesses, and more. 

Google pulls this info from lots of different places so you get a quick and easy answer.

The knowledge graph demonstrates trustworthiness and authority, what is more, it boosts your domain traffic. 

Below you can see another example of the knowledge Graph directly on the keyword  “Google information”.

How to achieve this placement?

I would like to provide a few tips that are needed to focus on. 

  • Importance of structured data

Properly structured data assures a step closer to the Google Knowledge Graph achievement. It is helpful for Google when crawling the website to recognize and categorize all information. 

Data for a e.g. person could be used:





You can find more types of structured data tips on the Scheme website.

  • Coherence and accuracy

Let’s start from the beginning.

Title and subtitle. 

Those are the first facts that anyone will see. 

In those fields MUST be properly used name/title and main characteristics of the focus of a subject.

If there is an actor and singer, all have to be mentioned.

Semantic Triples

This might look like a magic spell but it is easier than you think and practical to use in a sentence.

We need to fit all information within the first module. Should keep in mind to use the correct order and information since this might be another significant factor for achieving the Google Knowledge Graph placement.

Example in the sentence below.

There were many more factors which need to be thought of but this is a handy starter pack.


  • Google Knowledge Graph is a big deal and you want to have it,
  • Focus on structured data, detail-oriented information,
  • Also coherency and accuracy. 

Presentations on the semWAW were insightful but I would like to speak about a:

Discussion Panel

I have mentioned it already on my Linkedin post but it deserves a spot in this article as well. 

This discussion panel has been taken by 4 ladies – Aleksandra Pizoń-Liwocha, Kinga Sroka, Maja Wisniewska-Hardek, and Paulina Wiktorska. All of them are authorities in their field, therefore, it was just a great experience to see them all on one stage. 

The questions were from different fields, such as GA4 reporting, Paid Advertising – Google ADS, business online expansion and localisation.

I would like to pinpoint the importance given to the localisation of a website for successful business expansion.

There was stressed the point of proper research in the country’s law regarding website content e.g. in Germany – Impressum obligations cannot be missed. 

Of course, I cannot forget to mention another example of an essential localisation aspect, such as the proper use of payment and delivery methods per market. Those factors might be keys to success. 

What is more, if you are focusing on content, GLOSSARY for clients is a must-have. This is a detail which created a huge difference in outcome.

From different fields, there was a question “If they would recommend working with Google ADS by themselves (Company X) or hiring someone for assistance”. This was a difficult question for many reasons, but we reached an agreement in the point that if the business is big enough, it should be handed to a professional BUT the client’s touch should be present. The client knows the most about the product and provides direct feedback to the promo.

Of course, there is always the answer “IT DEPENDS”. If you are a business owner or working for a company which wants to expand, please take into consideration that it always depends on many factors and always is worth consulting before taking any actions which might cause an unnecessary loss of investments. 


  • Localisation cannot be missed while business expands,
  • The glossary provided to the client is a must-have,
  • Google ADS should be assisted once a company reaches a specific size/outcome,
  • Do not hesitate to Ask ! (It does not cost anything), on the other hand, doing without proper analysis of the situation is expensive and could be wasteful. 

Just to sum up. 

The semWAW / semKRK are worth a visit if you are interested in PPC, SEO, and overall SEM and if you are a Polish speaker. There is a great atmosphere, open discussions, a friendly approach, new or refreshing know-how and the possibility to connect with professionals in those fields.