Technical SEO audit

✓ in-depth web audit of all technical ranking factors.
✓ detailed explanation and recommendation how to fix technical issues.
✓ support and consultation during the implementation of modifications.

During technical seo audit we analyze

Analyse der Indexierung während des technischen Audits

Crawling and indexation

We analyze how search engines crawl your website, how the crawl budget is spent and which pages are indexed. In other words, we check if search engines see the pages of your website properly, scan them efficiently and add only necessary pages to their databases.

structure analysis during technical audit

Navigation and internal linking

In our web audit, we also include an analysis of internal links and website structure. We check status codes of internal links, determine whether the navigation is accessible for search robots, find orphaned pages and give recommendation how to make website structure more understandable for users and search engines.

international technical seo

Geo- and language targeting

Doing a technical audit for a multiregional website, we check the implementation of hreflang attributes to help search engines serve the correct regional URL for each of your target markets.

page speed analysis during web audit

Page Speed

During seo audit, we test all types of your pages using different tools and analyze real user data using CrUX report. We prioritize all page speed factors and highlight those whose improvement will bring the most significant result.

structured data

Structured data

We analyze existing structured data markup on your pages and give recommendations on how to fix/improve it to get rich snippets. In our technical seo audit we also suggest new schemas that can be implemented on your website.

fixing duplicate content during technical audit

Duplicate content

We identify different types of duplicates on your website, determine the reasons why these duplicates and suggest the best way to fix them. We also give recommendations on how to avoid potential duplicates in the future using SEO best practices.

inhaltsanalyse im technischen seo

Meta tags and headers

Performing on page seo audit, we check meta titles, meta description and headers on pages, analyze their comprehensiveness and uniqueness. We provide you with recommendations on how to improve them to get the most out of your meta tags.

mobile technical seo

Mobile version

We will check the mobile version of your website for compliance with the best seo practices and page experience requirements to make sure that it provides great user experience.

Roman Teuschel

CEO of eVisions International

Results of an SEO audit

  • More traffic due to better ranking of the website by bringing it into compliance with the technical requirements of search engines after implementation of our technical seo recommendations.
  • Efficient crawling and faster indexation by improving website structure, internal linking, sitemap.xml and robots.txt files, blocking or resolving pages for indexation.
  • Improved user experience by fixing broken links, improving website structure, navigation, page speed and mobile version of the website.
  • Traffic increase due to elimination of internal competition between your pages by fixing duplicate content, creating more relevant meta tags with higher CTR and getting rich snippets after implementation of structured data that also helps search engines understand your content deeper.
  • Better local ranking after implementation of correct language and geo-targeting settings.

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