Advertising in PPC systems

A great way to get visibility on the Internet, is PPC advertising. This is a text, graphic or video ad in various parts of the Internet. Usually the PPC ad is displayed in result of search engines (Google, Seznam and others), when first few search results is know as “ads”. In addition, ads may appear on YouTube, Facebook and other sites. The advertiser pays only when someone clicked on his ad (PPC means “Pay Per Click”). The most popular PPC advertising system in Czech republic is Google AdWords and Seznam.

On which search queries ad will show, how it will look, how much advertiser will pay and much and many other parameters can influence the setting campaign by consultant.

Why to choose us for setting and optimizing your PPC campaign?

  • Before we start the actual work, we always analyze your business as a whole. With you we will find the strengths and potential threats, and all we take into account to maximize campaign performance.
  • We care for each client individually and carefully, including the smallest clients.
  • We are oriented on results. All costs and profits we accurately measure and we set a campaign to lead to the fulfillment of your goals.
  • Our specialist are able to set campaign for czech, slovak, polish, german and english speaking market in top quality.
  • We follow the latest trends in the industry and we use them for your benefit.
  • We are here for you. We are happy to help and advise you and explain to you the context.
  • Each month you get a detailed report of the results of our work. We are fair. We are not going to juggle just with great numbers, but also explain to you where is problem and why.
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