Link building

The ability to build a viable, natural, diversified, top quality backlink portfolio is nowadays crucial for success on the internet and one of the cornerstones of SEO. The backlinks reflect the popularity of your website, its credibility and basically tell the search engine, that your website is worth visiting, which means that for instance Google will put your site higher in both organic and paid searches. The other effects of strong link building are the support of your brand, services and identity across the world wide web.

Why to choose us for link building in Czech republic?

  • We are very experienced at link building
  • We know both czech and foreign markets (SK, DE, AT, RU) into detail
  • We have built a wide net of media partners over the years
  • We have an internal team full of experienced link builders
  • We acquire only high quality link sources
  • Our link building is not just about back links, we treat it as a part of your marketing strategy

How do we proceed during link building?

  1. Get to know the client
  2. Analysis of the current backlink profile
  3. Analysis of competition
  4. Market research in terms of link building opportunities
  5. Setting the link building strategy and choosing the right tactics
  6. Setting specific goals
  7. Creation of a link building database
  8. Fulfilling the link building plan and building new contacts
  9. Monthly reports on the results of our link building

What backlinks do we collect?

Our goals i to collect backlinks that are:

  • natural
  • relevant
  • long-term
  • arising continuously in time
  • bringing both traffic and search results improvement

Do you need to help with the acquisition of high quality backlinks? Do you need a natural and varied backlink profile? Contact us.

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