Display Ads

Do you want for your products or services to be known on internet or to reach again the customers which already know you? Display Advertising is ideal way. The ads can be as text, graphic (banner) or it can be video advertising. The advertisements shows on a different kind of websites based on their content. Advertiser can choose on which website will run the ads for example according content topic or to choose specific web.

Another way is to target ads to users' interests, behaviors and demographics.

  • Do you target primarily at young people living in Prague who are interested in technology? Great, you can set a target to them.
  • Do you target on fans of specific music band or music genre? Cool, run ads on YouTube!
  • Do you know that most of your customers are women between 25-35 years? Let's display advertising only to them.

You do not have accurate information? Never mind, the necessary data we will measure and based on them we determine the best strategy.

In display advertising you usually pay per click. If you want to primarily build brand awareness,
always choose a payment per thousand impressions of your ad. Managing display advertising takes place mostly through systems Google AdWords and Seznam Sklik.

Display ads also include remarketing, thus reaching people, who already visited your site.

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