The cooperation of eVisions and Nefertitis: 9-month revenue increase to almost 150% using PPC (CASE STUDY)

Autor Lenka Brejšková Lenka Brejšková

In the summer of 2019, the owner of the Nefertitis e-shop contacted us with a request to conduct a PPC audit. Most of the time, we process audits for clients who are not satisfied with the results of their e-shops or with the management of their advertising accounts.

This case was different. The e-shop was selling, the cooperation was exemplary, but they had been trying to grow for a while, and it wasn’t working. So, the client’s question was: Can we still grow? The following case study will show you what fantastic results we achieved and how we did it.

We proposed to the client that we would carry out a PPC CAMPAIGN AUDIT and a PPC COMPETITION ANALYSIS.

The main objective of the analysis was clear, namely:

  • Determine if there was potential for increased sales.
  • Define growth opportunities.
  • Check PPC campaign settings in Sklik and Google Ads systems.

Using Ahrefs, SEMrush and Collabim, we defined the key competitors, created an overview of which channels competitors use, which keywords they target and estimated the budget they invest in paid advertising per month. We came to the following conclusions and recommendations in conjunction with the advertising systems audit.

  • The competition does not use very sophisticated and high-quality campaigns. Still, they advertise using many keywords that the Nefertitis e-shop does not utilise. This means that there is a potential for increased website traffic generated from paid advertising and, therefore, revenue growth.
  • The competition targets a broader group of keywords, especially in the case of bracelets.
  • The analysis of the actual PPC campaigns revealed an insufficient keyword structure and poor matching, followed by inadequate handling of search queries and unnecessary dampening of campaigns in terms of setting budgets.


After completing the analyses and further consultations, we agreed with the client on long-term cooperation in managing PPC campaigns. In principle, there were no obstacles to growth. A well-designed e-shop, happy customers, proper measurement and well set up accounts with history. We set up several new campaigns to cover important keywords and increase traffic and sales for key categories.


After a few weeks of working together, we hit our first obstacle. The launch of new campaigns required an increase in budget. However, the client used a monthly investment plan that did not include a test of new campaigns and did not consider the development of sales.


We, therefore, proposed the following to the client: UNLIMITED BUDGET, AS LONG AS THE CAMPAIGNS MEET THE SPECIFIED KPI (PNO).

If we want to increase the turnover of the e-shop and decide that this increase should be generated by PPC campaigns, we need to rely on an increase in the budget. Of course, simply increasing the budget does not guarantee success. We carefully monitored the essential metrics to allocate the investment as efficiently as possible. In the graph below, you can observe the evolution of the conversion rate of the e-shop.


Using the data from the competitive analysis and audit, we have increased the sales for the total period from January 1st, 2020, to September 31st, 2020, to 149.57% over the same period in 2019. Indeed, the results would have been even better without the complications associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. The graphs below demonstrate the revenue development in both years.

What changes have we made to the Nefertitis e-shop?

  • We created new campaigns and covered previously neglected categories.
  • We optimised active campaigns (for example, we eliminated campaigns targeting irrelevant keywords and suspended those that were ineffective in terms of keywords).
  • We’ve increased the budget.
  • We used the content network.
  • We started advertising on


We struck a deal with the client to manage three advertising accounts, namely on Sklik, Google Ads and Glami.

1. Sklik

Historically, remarketing campaigns, in particular, have utilised this system. Therefore, we have decided to stick to best practices and keep the campaigns active. However, we have developed them in more detail, incorporated missing categories and prepared new graphics for static remarketing.

The performance of the campaigns started to improve every month. Gradually, we optimised the campaigns to the point where the conversion rate began to be around 5% and the PNO between 15 and 18%.

2. Google Ads

We have focused on advertising in previously neglected categories in the Google Ads system. We created new campaigns in the search network, Google Shopping, and tested campaigns in the content network, which were completely missing in the account (apart from remarketing).


Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competition

Don’t be afraid to invest in advertising accounts

Don’t limit yourself to one source. Each advertising system works differently and can accomplish a different goal