Video marketing

Videos are currently the fastest-growing format of online advertising. This might be short commercials played before another video, for example on YouTube, or before video in news portlas. Another options of video marketing are longer separate videos aimed at promoting a service or product. It can be as direct promotion (presentation and review of current product) as indirect (for example comparative videotest of different products, information video of related topic).

The most popular platform worldwide for video marketing is YouTube, intense channel, where are videos shown and shared, is Facebook or also other social sites. In the Czech environment play an important role local projects, such as

Video marketing also include the so-called virally distributed videos (“virals”), the videos, which are so popular between users, that they are shared spontaneously, and this leads to the spread of advertising messages for free.

Our agency is able to ensure both the actual production of videos and their placement on these channels and the effective promotions. Not even the most perfectly shot and interesting videos will not help your business if nobody see it. Therefore we will manage its display correctly to chosen target group and help you evaluate what video marketing brought you.

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