Understanding your German customers

Autor Thea Zinner Thea Zinner

Would you like to better understand your German customers? Of course you want. The consumer landscape in Germany is dynamic and it can be difficult to keep up with it and align marketing strategies with German consumers.

The key to success in online marketing is knowing and understanding your customers and their needs. This statement is particularly correct and important when entrepreneurs venture to take the step abroad and offer their services and goods outside the well-known national borders. Of course, the first question is WHO these consumers are. You also need to know what preferences they have regarding products, presentation, approach or if they simply have “higher” standards. Customers in Germany shop online differently, more mobile or less frequented. German customers will value factors that may not have been relevant in your marketing strategy so far and therefore not covered at all. And you need to know what your German target group cares about, what is important to them.

Without a comprehensive understanding of the customer, it will be difficult to effectively meet the needs of the potential target group. If you do not meet their requirements – your customers will go elsewhere.

In this interview, I address the issues mentioned and talk about what there is to learn about the German (online) consumers.

Ask yourself: If you do not understand your target audience, how is it possible then to deliver the kinds of experiences that customers want?

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