Synergy between eVisions and FTMO: A New investor enters the world of Online Marketing Agency

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As of 4 January 2024, eVisions has a new owner. FTMO bought 100% of the shares from the original owners and founders Jaroslav Vidim and Lukáš Palkovič. The acquisition heralds a wave of positive transformations for both clients and employees.

Celebrating a decade of innovation in 2023, eVisions has evolved from a modest startup in Holešovice to a robust team of 50, housed in the upscale Corso Karlín. Renowned for its SEO prowess, the company has diversified its offerings to include PPC, copywriting, and social media management, while also assisting clients in global expansion, particularly in the DACH and CEE regions

But what triggered this strategic partnership with FTMO?

“The agency needed new energy and a strong partner who is already active abroad and can help to realise the agency’s vision and long-term goals more quickly”, shares Roman Teuschel, eVisions’ CEO and a veteran employee. 

FTMO’s international footprint promises a future where eVisions transcends borders.

Harnessing Synergies: The eVisions-FTMO Alliance Benefits All

“The strategy and operation of eVisions will remain the same and thanks to the great synergies we expect only positive changes,” explains Roman Teuschel commenting on the new era for the marketing agency eVisions.

FTMO, a decade-old firm known for its virtual trading platform, has attracted over a million users worldwide. 

Starting as a student endeavor, FTMO has ascended to a billion-dollar enterprise with a global footprint, recognized thrice by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 for rapid growth in Central and Eastern Europe. 

This partnership raises the question: How will eVisions and FTMO collaborate to redefine the future of digital marketing?

From the left: Otakar Šuffner, Roman Teuschel, Petr Hlaváč, Marek Vašíček

Strategic Independence: FTMO Empowers eVisions to Grow

A strategic partner has joined the agency to bolster its ongoing development and growth. 

FTMO’s involvement with eVisions is unique, focusing on empowering the agency rather than assimilating it. Unlike typical mergers where larger entities absorb smaller competitors, this partnership ensures eVisions retains its identity and autonomy. 

“FTMO’s investment gives eVisions maximum autonomy. This is mainly due to the established processes, financial autonomy and stable management. Nothing changes for existing and future customers,” says Petr Hlaváč, COO.

Expanding Horizons: eVisions Gains Global Insight and Cross-Industry Expertise

FTMO’s global presence offers eVisions a gateway to international market knowledge and innovative marketing strategies, particularly in lead generation. 

With FTMO’s strong data and technology background, and experienced developers and BI specialists in-house, eVisions’ marketing teams are poised to gain insights and skills that intersect various industries, enriching their expertise and service offerings.

Steadfast Leadership: eVisions Remains True to Its Vision

The helm of eVisions remains in familiar hands – CEO Roman Teuschel and COO Petr Hlaváč, both long-standing employees of eVisions and part of the agency’s top management for a long time. In 2021/2022, they spearheaded a division focused on European market expansion. eVisions’ objectives and long-term aspirations remain unchanged. The agency is committed to retaining its status as the top choice for SEO, performance marketing, and international expansion, with a particular focus on the DACH and CEE regions.  “Peter and I have laid the first building blocks for the realisation of this vision and I am delighted that we will continue to do so successfully – with FTMO at an even faster pace,” adds Roman Teuschel.

A Solid Foundation: eVisions’ Management Team Stays Strong

The leadership across eVisions’ various departments remains unaltered. This seasoned team blends long-tenured employees known for their robust leadership capabilities with skilled professionals who have joined from competing agencies, significantly enhancing their expertise. This continuity ensures that the familiar and effective management teams at eVisions will remain in place.

Employee and Customer Satisfaction: The Heart of eVisions

At eVisions, our culture is shaped by our employees and clients. Since our inception in 2013, we’ve placed utmost importance on customer satisfaction and meeting their objectives. Equally crucial is our focus on employee well-being and fostering transparent communication throughout the company.

“We’re proud to have a significantly lower long-term employee turnover rate than our competitors. Together with the managers, we try to create an ever-improving working environment and acquire expertise in the field of online marketing. 

eVisions is open to clients of all sizes and to collaborations of all sizes. We believe that being a good agency means being a good employer and caring about good quality services. This will continue to be our priority in the coming months and years,” adds Roman Teuschel.

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