Trusted Shops: What is that exactly?

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Among other things, Trusted Shops GmbH offers online shops a trustmark that guarantees customers safety when shopping online. The company was founded in Cologne in 1999 and today more than 30,000 online retailers have awarded the seal.

As part of the certification process, the website or e-shop is checked by experts for legal essentials, e.g. for the accuracy of its legal texts. This ensures that the website fulfils all legal requirements. In return, website operators can be sure that they are on the safe side legally. Customers, on the other hand, have additional protection through buyer protection, which can have a positive effect on the purchase decision.

Customer review integrated on the website

If the certification process was successful, it is possible to integrate customer reviews on the company website or in the e-shop via Trusted Shops in addition to the trustmark. The rating is shown in the form of 5 star rating on the website – and also on the Google page if the corresponding package is available.

One of the integrated customer feedback examples can be found on the company website, e.g. Bedding & Beyond.

The high number of positive reviews shows directly that this is a trustworthy online shop.

Trusted Shops: Features & Advantages

  • Trusted Shops Trustmark: Before the trustmark is awarded, online retailers are put through their paces. This guarantees online shoppers, among other things, data protection and quick and quick and easy access to the retailer.
  • Trusted Shops Guarantee: Customers of certified e-shops enjoy special buyer protection if something goes wrong with the delivery. Free buyer protection refunds up to £2,500 per purchase in the event of non-delivery, non-refund and parcel loss.
  • Trusted Shops Reviews: Authentic customer reviews and ratings guarantee genuine experiences that customers have already had with an online shop.
  • Trusted Shops browser extension: The browser extension is a service that must be downloaded. Once the service has been installed, the trustmark is added to Google search results so that customers can recognise trustworthy online shops in Google searches at first glance.

Is Trusted Shops worthwhile for companies?

Many online shop operators are certainly asking themselves whether the trustmark is worthwhile for their website. Although the initial monthly costs can be intimidating, the services offer many advantages for online retailers. The prices are calculated from a combination of the store’s turnover size and the product selection, with a one-time setup fee of less than £90. 

Trusted Shops trustmark is a sign of the trustworthiness of an e-shop or website and guarantees both buyers and shop operators greater security. In this way, potential customers are more secure in placing an order in certified shops.

In addition, authentic reviews allow users to recognise at a glance what experiences have already been made in an online shop. If a website has hundreds of positive and good reviews, who can doubt it? Especially new and smaller e-shops that are still unknown on the market will benefit from using Trusted Shops.

When expanding abroad, Trusted Shops is an important part of creating trust. Trusted Shops is now available in many countries in Europe. You can find more tips on expansion here.

Of course, there are also reasons to hesitate: anyone who decides to use the trustmark will have to bear monthly fixed costs from now on. In addition, some changes to your own website may be necessary at the beginning before the trustmark is awarded definitively. And don’t forget: Several factors play a role in the individual purchasing decision. The trustmark is no guarantee for an increase in sales.

In conclusion, every operator of an online shop must decide for himself whether the investment in the Trusted Shops trustmark is worthwhile. We recommend the integration to our clients and have already noticed positive effects with their businesses.

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