SEO, UX and UI, what are they about?

Autor Miroslava Kuběnová Miroslava Kuběnová

Nowadays we can hear terms such as SEO, UX and UI around us. We feel like we know what it is about, but do we really? Here you can find basic explanations and the main differences between those terms. Additionally, you can find what factors are connecting those fields.

What can you exactly find in this article?

  • What is SEO
  • What is UX
  • What is UI
  • Relationships between SEO, UX, UI
  • Connecting the dots

What is SEO

SEO, an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization is a broad term, so let’s narrow it down a bit. 

The goal, as the name may suggest, is to optimize the website’s technical configuration. High importance is given to ONPAGE, where we need to focus on content relevance and link popularity. This will make YOUR website easily findable, more popular, and cause a higher ranking in search engines.

Of course, this is NOT ALL. 

A factor which needs to be taken into consideration is the TECHNICAL perspective. Are websites which need to be Indexed crawlable? How do we work with the Crawling Budget? Are there any not needed websites Indexed?   


Crawling – a special Googlebot goes through the website and checks new content, new sites, as well as older sites and provides information to the Index

Indexing- the process of checking content relevancy and overall information about each site and deciding to add/decline adding to the Index (for search engines)  

There are also OFF PAGE SEO activities, where you care about incoming links to your website and make sure they give you enough /Juice”, so your domain rating and authority grow and you get in the top positions in search engines. 

SEO GOAL- rank high in the search engine results.

What is UX?

User experience, known as UX is about providing MEANINGFUL and relevant experiences to users.

The team tries to create, for instance, such a design for the website that the potential customer wants to stay on the website, everything has its logic and is easily findable on the website. 

Below you may see an example of how the information on YOUR website from a UX perspective should look like.


If you would like to have information on your website to be USEFUL, the content should be original and fulfill the need.

One of the most important points is to be USABLE and CREDIBLE in UX. It just needs to be easy to use, and intuitive for customers and they must believe and trust your product.

In UX there is often research conducted to resolve customer’s “pain” and create a user-friendly environment.

UX GOAL – assure the best experience for the client with the product.

What is UI?

User Interface, used as a UI is about the interaction of humans with any device (e.g. computer, phone, tablet,..) and to make it as clear and comfortable as possible.

UI designers have a process which they use to build interfaces focusing on looks, shapes, colors and overall style of interactive elements.

UI takes a huge part in the navigation of a customer through the website and makes it all clear and highly responsive. The goal is to keep up to date with technological updates, improve productivity, and reach customers who use the technology without noticing.

Then most important points to achieve:

  1. Clarity
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Consistency

UI GOAL – assure the best experience for the client with the product visuals and interactive fields.

Relationships between SEO, UX and UI

Firstly, I would like to start that it does not make sense to compare SEO and UX/UI since those are visibly different fields, therefore I will compare UX and UI and in the next section I will show how cooperates SEO and UX as well as UX and UI.


I would like to achieve a clear understanding of what are differences within UX and UI fields. Even though many people confuse those fields and consider them as “THE SAME”, the truth is the contrary. 
As you can see above, those fields are NOT the same. UX has product design focus as first priority while UI focuses on esthetics and animations of the product.

Connecting the DOTS

As I have mentioned previously, all have different scope of work but once you know how to use them together, it can create a huge advantage for you or your client and influence overall results regarding traffic, domain authority, business potential, etc,.

About SEO and UX cooperation. There is no rule or exact order in which it is precisely said that first is UX or SEO. This will depend on your or client’s situation. We have to take into consideration in the SEO (search Engine Optimization) process that needs to be done:

→ once all is implemented to the website, potential audience (organic traffic) may reach.

UX elements are important ranking factors that are increasingly gaining momentum. 

That is  why it is  a good idea to keep those UX and SEO departments/specialists practices intertwined.

Shown below, the UX representative performance of required steps to boost conversions.

Above you can see how the cooperation of UX and UI look in real life practice. 

UX (e.g.) designer starts with research, product ideas, low fidelity profile and testing, where transfers smoothly to UI designer to have the possibility to focus on high fidelity prototype and all functions to interactive parts.


As you could see in this article, those three fields are different but they complement each other. 

What is important to remember:

  1. UX and UI are not the same (it will save you from many inconveniences) but they complement each other.
  2. The crucial point is that you need to think about the user in your SEO efforts and think about the impact on SEO in your UX work.

This is it, I hope you find this article with fundamentals useful.