Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is the keystone of every site and its marketing strategy. It is a key document without which you can not begin search engine optimization. We give you a comprehensive idea of what keywords and phrases are relevant to your site – so as your target group is looking for your products, your offer, your services.

Keyword analysis tells you on which words on your website you should focus. The output is a list of keywords that are in your field most wanted, relevant and the least competitive. From keyword analysis also is based proposal of optimal site structure, which you also receive from us, and it is also important for content strategy. For each keyword you will get information about its search volume, position in search results and what is given phrase competitive.

Why to want the keyword analysis from us?

  • We have a lot of experience gained in dozens of analyzes carried out in different sectors
  • We will make for you analysis in slovak, english and german
  • You will get an overview of the competition in your field

How to build backlinks?

  1. We get to know the client
  2. In detail we become acquainted with the field
  3. We explore the market
  4. We collect the keywords with special tools
  5. We segment keywords to logic units
  6. We determine keyword relevance according a specialization of site
  7. We create optimal web structure for SEO purposes
  8. We sum up basic recommendations for work with the keywords on your website

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