SEO and link building in Slovakia

We provide complex SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and link building services (acquiring new backlinks) on the slovak market.

Search Engine Optimization (shortly SEO) is a set of activities, that aim to undoubtedly and positively affect the number of relevant visitors coming to your website from various sources, especially from search engines (Google,, etc.).

Link building still belongs among the most important SEO factors. Moreover, its importance increases every year. Backlinks reflect the popularity of a particular website and significantly influence the results of organic searches. The purpose of link building is not just to acquire new links and improve your position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page), but also to promote your brand and your products or build new partnerships.

SEO and link building are quite different for different countries. That is why we have specialists for specific countries. It is a great advantage to know the potential, prices and people of a specific market. Also database of link building partners can make the whole process faster and cheaper.

Why to choose us for SEO in Slovakia?

  • We understand SEO as a part of the marketing mix – we connect SEO with other marketing channels and thus maximally fulfill their business potential
  • We make all the changes independently without the need of third party actions
  • We have great experience with SEO and link building in Slovakia
  • We know Slovak market in detail
  • We have a large database of partners in Slovakia
  • We have our own team for link building in Slovakia
  • We acquire only high quality backlinks
  • For us link building is not just about getting new backlinks, we understand it as a complex issue related to your marketing strategy

How do we do the search optimization?

The cornerstones of every successful SEO strategy are:

  • thorough keyword analysis
  • web structure optimization
  • design of new entrance pages for both the main and long-tail keywords and phrases
  • content optimization
  • technical optimization
  • creation of suitable tags
  • internal net of links
  • implementation of pages from internal searches
  • regular link building (off-page factors)
  • traffic targeting
  • traffic analysis
  • conversion rate optimization
  • consultation and results reporting

How do we build a top quality backlink profile?

  • We get to know the client
  • In detail we become acquainted with the field
  • We explore the market
  • We collect the keywords with special tools
  • We segment keywords to logic units
  • We determine keyword relevance according a specialization of site
  • We create optimal web structure for SEO purposes
  • We sum up basic recommendations for work with the keywords on your website

How do we acquire backlinks?

Our goal is to acquire backlinks that are:

  • natural and relevant
  • long-term and continual
  • bring long-term traffic and improve your position in searches

If you need to acquire top quality backlinks and create a natural backlink profile, give us a shout.

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