Online public relations

The main goal of our online PR is to raise brand awareness via online marketing channels. It consists of communication with customers, development of your community and other activities aiming at new potential customers.
PR as a whole consists of long-term activities that help companies to improve the recognition of their brand, receive a useful feedback and raise their brand awareness, partly via internet.
There are many means of communication with your customers, employees, fans, business partners, investors, suppliers, journalists and other people important for the success of your company. That is why we provide every customer with a unique tailor-made strategy.

Why to choose us:

  • Your online PR strategy will be created in the context of your online marketing strategy. We use synergy of many different tools.
  • We are original, professional, proactive and communicative.
  • Thanks to our wide range of services we are able to effectively optimize your online marketing campaigns.
  • We are good at online crisis management and communication.
  • We have the right contacts :)

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