Case study (Zdeněk Staněk): How to start an Instagram account quickly and efficiently from scratch

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Starting a new Instagram account? Having zero followers can seem demotivating. When we started out with our client Zdeněk Staňek’s Instagram, we also had 0. Within a few weeks, we managed to gain hundreds of high-quality followers. We’ll outline effective steps to get your new account up and running quickly and successfully.

At the end of last spring, we were entrusted with the social networks of the Czech bed linen manufacturer Zdeněk Staňek. Until then, the client only maintained an active Facebook page. We were about to launch a brand new Instagram account. We want to share how we approached creating the social media strategy and what steps to take to get the new profile off to the best start.

Collaboration goals

Our cooperation aimed to raise awareness of the Zdeněk Staněk brand among a younger target group and build a completely new and trusted marketing channel, the brand’s Instagram profile.

Furthermore, we wanted to change the perception of the brand’s attractiveness. The Zdeněk Staněk brand had to appear more youthful and “cool”.

Let’s start from the basics – How does Instagram work?

Instagram is a visually focused platform ideally suited to reach a younger target group. As a result, a brand’s presentation on this network must emphasise aesthetics. For the launch of the bedding manufacturer’s new Instagram account, we primarily aimed to identify and present trends in the segment. At the same time, we also wanted to build a community of loyal fans keen to return to the Instagram account.

Next, we had to create the content strategy. It was necessary to decide what to communicate on the Zdeněk Staněk’s Instagram account and reach as many people as possible in the shortest possible time.

We built the Instagram communication of the Zdeněk Staněk brand on the following pillars, which simultaneously represent the USPs of the brand:

– Quality materials,

– Czech manufacturer,

– Design,

– Affordability,

– Inspiration,

– Advice/tips.

On Instagram, we aimed to showcase the products in real situations (we displayed the products in the home and in connection with people). Moreover, we communicated the products as accessories and decorations, emphasising quality and design that is also affordable for everyone. As mentioned above, since Instagram communication focuses on visuals and aesthetics, we decided to differentiate the Zdeněk Staněk brand on Instagram from the competition by creating a unified colour trio.

How to start an Instagram account from scratch?

This section will explain the specific steps we took to reach as many people as possible with the content we created.

Reach out to the community of fans from existing social networks

The Zdeněk Staněk brand already possessed a fan base but on Facebook. Therefore, our first goal was to engage with this already existing and loyal audience on Instagram. In the first few weeks, we published links on the Facebook page linked to the Instagram account, which we regularly supported with paid advertising. By doing so, we attracted the audience and Facebook fans to the design mentioned above, inspiration and news.

Stay motivated through exciting competitions

The second step was to create a buzz. Within the first week of the brand’s presence on Instagram, we reached the first hundred followers. As mentioned earlier, our first posts included a weekly competition for specific Zdeněk Staňek products presented in the colour trio. We supported this post with paid advertising on Instagram, which resulted in high numbers.

We also promoted the Instagram contest on Zdeněk Staňek’s Facebook page. We again chose the form of a page post boost with a click-through to the contest post on Instagram.

Cooperate with influencers

In the next step, we approached relevant influencers and offered them a barter. We were looking for influencers who base their Instagram communication on home design, are interested in home design, are building or remodelling their apartments or houses, or are interested in a healthy lifestyle emphasising healthy and quality sleep.

In the initial phases, we chose to reach out to nano-influencers with tight deep relationships with their followers, high engagement, and who will not be afraid to collaborate with a brand unknown on Instagram for now. We grew our numbers by dozens due to those particular influencers.

Slowly but steadily, our numbers grew, and we reached almost 300 followers within the first month of the brand’s presence on Instagram. We had gotten to the stage where we could start reaching out to micro-influencers. We have received more than 10 collaboration requests from influencers from the second month onwards. Thus, influencers themselves began to notice the client, which boded well.

Don’t neglect offline communication

However, we didn’t just use the online channels to reach and attract new fans. Another part of our strategy was to reach out to existing shoppers and loyal customers of the Zdeněk Staněk brand. We created paper flyers and sent them to the client, asking him to include one in every order. The leaflet informed about the newly created Instagram account where customers can find inspiration, product information and news.

We continue to grow

Since the summer, Zdeněk Staněk’s Instagram account has gained over 1,150 followers, and more are being added. Starting a new Instagram account from scratch is challenging but not impossible. Defining your unique competitive advantages and building your communication on them is the key.

Do you need help with your social media strategy or help launching a new account?

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