RTB - Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding is an advanced method for displaying online ads. This is the sale advertising space via programmatic instantaneous auctions. In it features four subjects – publisher, two levels of advertising systems and advertiser itself.

Publisher (administrator of advertising space) will offer free impresion (space for 1 display ads) to auction, which runs through platforms SSP (Supply Side Platform) and DSP (Demand Site Platform). From there comes one winning display that winning advertiser uses for its advertising. There had entered along with information about whom and how to place the ads to DSP system, which represent him in auction All process of RTB auctions takes place automatically in only a few tens of milliseconds when the page is uploaded. In this type of advertising, you pay for impression not for click, which is typical for PPC Ads.

The main advantages of RTB advertising include the ability to accurately target based on sophisticated parameters and conditions. You can display ads to user based on their interest or other information – for example according their previous movement on the web, seeing or not seeing ads in the past, (un)responsiveness on it etc. You can also target on specific sites and position on them.

Among the most widely used systems using the principle of RTB belongs DoubleClick, AdForm and Etarget. Generally RTB advertising is used primarily by larger clients who invest in the hundreds of thousands to millions per month. But we will be happy to help you with the implementation of the campaign and with much smaller budgets, so don't hesitate and please contact us.

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