Do you want to reach people by advertising, who were already on your site, but did not perform the key action like buying product? It is there for you remarketing! In some systems, is remarketing called retargeting.

Besides a simple display ads you can also use advanced methods of targeting.

  • Did user chose product, put in the cart but didn't complete the purchase? This is an opportunity that should not be missed.
  • Did user look at all videos on YouTube? It is looked like he is really interested in you.
  • Did he look on many products from one category, but he didn't choose? Find, where is the problem. For reaching user you can use for example some discount or other benefits, which motivates them to complete the transaction.
  • For FMCG use remarketing for motivation of past customers to shop again. After all, what is more valuable than a loyal customer?

We manage remarketing campaigns on Facebook, in Google AdWords, Seznam Sklik and in other systems. We will ensure the most efficient use of your finances and all results we will summarizing in clear reports. Remarketing is one of the type of PPC Ads.

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