Eliminating penalties

Did your positions in the search engines dropped or declined unexpected web traffic from organic search? You can't discover the cause of the slump? One of the reason can be penalties of your website. In recent years Google and Seznam have been investing a lot of time to the fight against to a bad quality content, spam websites and poor quality backlinks. Google launched into the world updates Google Penguin and Google Panda, which punished the poor ways of linkbuiding (example: linkfarms) and creating content (example: duplicity and automatic generated content).

What penalties can reach you?

  • Algorithmic penalty – the identification is very hard and it is necessary to know very well the Google update
  • Manual penalty – in this case you have already received a message from Search Console about manual penalization, which which also provides cause of penalization and allow you to communicate with Google
    • Types of penalties:

      • Penalties for poor backlink profile – know as Google Penguin Update
      • Penalties for poor quality content – Google Panda Update
      • Specific types of penalties as Payday loans or Pirate update

      How to remove penalties:

      1. Identification of penalty type
      2. Data collection and web analysis
      3. Classification and filtration
      4. Collection of contacts and communication with websites
      5. Removal of “defective” backlinks (or content)
      6. Use of Disallow tool

      How long it will take to get rid off penalty?

      • After last update Google Penguin 4.0, when update is in real time, it is possible to see results after removal almost immediately.

      Why to choose us?

      • We have practical experience with the removal of all kinds of penalties (algorithmic and manual)
      • We achieve 90% success rate – we don't promise impossible, because not all penalties (especially algorithmic) is possible for 100% removed. But we inform the client about this possibility already after the initial analysis.

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