E-mail is probably the most underestimated online marketing tool of today. Recent studies show, that e-mail campaigns are still the most powerful ones. Everyone who knows how to effectively handle e-mailing campaigns has a great advantage, because it gives him or her the possibility to stay in touch with customers, remind them who you are and why to visit your website or even gather important feedback from your visitors. Moreover, it is a very powerful tool for one-off special promotions of your products or services. Not considering spam, there are two main e-mailing tools:

  • Email advertising
  • Newsletter

Especially the effectiveness of newsletter is breathtaking. Online marketing studies indicate, that more than 80 % of your new newsletter subscribers will become paying customers within 3 months.

How can we help you?

To maximise the results of your emailing campaigns, we follow the steps bellow:

  • audit of your current e-mailing campaigns
  • creation of a tailor-made e-mailing strategy
  • creation of contact database
  • strategy of building a subscriber base
  • building subscriber base
  • optimization of the building process
  • database segmentation
  • evaluation of campaigns’ effectiveness
  • copywriting of e-mailing campaigns
  • personalisation of e-mailing campaigns
  • automation of e-mailing campaigns

The effectiveness of an e-mailing campaign is determined by its strategy. Some strategy is always better than no strategy, but we are here to show you the best one for your customer base, so that you can benefit from the list of your e-mail subscribers as much as possible. We will create for you a campaign, that clearly answers the following questions:

  • What products and services should I market via e-mail?
  • To whom?
  • When?
  • How often?
  • In what way?
  • What and how to measure?
  • What and how to test?

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