SEO Competition Analysis

✓ Identify who you compete with in the web
✓ Understand your competitors´ strategies
✓ Investigate new opportunities to grow your business

Competition analysis - What is included?

identifing competitors

Determination of your web competitors

Not all of your business competitors in real life may be your competitors online. Just as it is difficult to keep track of all competitors you may not be even aware of the existence of some online competitors since they are not represented by physical outlets.

page speed analysis during web audit

General research of traffic sources

In our competition analysis, you will see an overview with the traffic sources your competitors use. It allows you to find new channels for attracting more customers.

link profiles analysis

Analysis of competitor backlink profiles

We estimate the strength of competitor domains in terms of their backlinks and define a gap between your backlinks and the backlinks of competitors so you can see the direction you should move.

Market screening

We look over the market for industry-specific requirements, regulations or trends to give recommendations on the localization of your website in accordance with the norms of the target country.

inhaltsanalyse im technischen seo

Competitor content and keyword research

We compare the keywords and content of your competitors with your website, search for some gaps and creative content ideas that might be implemented on your website.

fixing duplicate content during technical audit

Benchmark analysis

We analyze the competitor websites to find different features, USPs and services such as payment and shipping methods, discounts, localization aspects that can be implemented on your website and result in a better user experience and increase conversion rate due to added value.

Roman Teuschel

CEO of eVisions International

Why do you need an analysis of competitors?

  1. A clear understanding of who your competitors are, what are their weaknesses and strengths and what are you lagging behind in. No need to move blindly!
  2. The overall view on your website in comparison to your competitors helps you to quickly find low-hanging fruits – opportunities to increase your positions, traffic and sales fast. 
  3. The possibility to develop a more accurate strategy for your site based on your strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors. A more accurate strategy means a more efficient investment of money.
  4. Discovering new opportunities to improve the site. You will understand how many links you should gain, which keywords are missing, which content should be written and which features should be implemented.

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