About Cyber Monday and SEO Tips

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If you are curious and would like to know what Cyber Monday is, how does it differ from Black Friday, or how to prepare from an SEO point of view? – Then you are in the correct place.

In November, we could experience huge shopping events such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Many people around the world are expecting those days, having savings aside, but those days are as well crucial for many businesses. Sometimes it can be an opportunity to achieve higher sales, new customers or reach a new target group.

History recap

‘Cyber Monday’ gained its name in 2005, previously you could hear about it as ‘Black Monday’.

WHY has it changed its name?

There was a reported high amount of sales in 2005, on the Monday after Thanksgiving when Americans were shopping after holidays. reported in 2005 that ‘77 percent of online retailers said that their sales increased substantially on the Monday after Thanksgiving’. The term Cyber Monday was first time mentioned by the National Retail Federation.

What is Cyber Monday and when does it occur?

Name of the event ‘Cyber Monday’ gives us an inkling of the form in which the occasion is executed. It is the second biggest shopping date, and mostly all activities are performed online

This is as well the biggest difference in comparison to ‘Black Friday’ which was mainly focused on the stationary shops but over the time the event has partly transitioned to online form as well, due to the customer demand and the pandemic situation around the World.

Cyber Monday is repeatedly occurring on Monday after the United States’s Thanksgiving Weekend. Therefore, it is easy to prepare for this event from a business point of view as well as from customers. Per general standards, the event takes just 24 hours, so even bigger motivation to not miss it. 

If you find it difficult to remember the date, many companies remind you of this event with marketing communication e.g. emails, ads, social media, etc.
Another useful tip on how to make it all easier and more comfortable if you  feel troubled by how to orient through all sales offers, is to install an app (in apple store or play store)  which includes all in one place.

Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization (shortly SEO) is divided into on-page and off-page activities. SEO, in general, is a long term activity (not just month before event), most of the activities do not have results shown immediately, therefore it is important to be active a long time ahead of any event in this field. As well, between the desired result do not belong only to have greater authority for the event and specified pages but all the website and subpages for all the time. 

Please note, that in this case it is recommended that UX and SEO are synchronized in their actions.

There are a few steps which may be done before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Create separate pages for the special Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer

If you create separate pages for those events, it will be easier to target keywords and optimize it without duplicates and other problematic factors. 

Do not forget to optimize landing pages in general. Make everything attractive to the clients. It concerns clarity of description of products, well chosen graphic, interactive environment along with others. 

Listing of projects and correct description will bring clarity as well to the Googlebot which can bring overall better results.


If your brand is well recognized. You can choose keywords such as BRAND+BLACK FRIDAY (BLACK FRIDAY+BRAND). 

Nowadays is more noticed as well searching for occasion (BLACK FRIDAY + PRODUCT).

2. Make sure you have the speed!

If your overall marketing strategy and communication is right, an excessive amount of customers will enter your page.

The website needs to be prepared for such a load. What is more, customers require a smooth choosing, ordering and payment process, otherwise in any stage can change their minds and resign from ordering the service/products.

3. Meta Data

Meta title, meta description and tags. Those are surely tasks which you should not miss.

How does a Meta Description look? 

Important factors which should be thought of while writing the Meta Description is how readable with good length. Key is to have the relevant keywords used. After all if you ask yourself ‘Did it provide the message as I wished?’ and ´Was it unique without being visible duplicitous?’ 

Then you achieved proper Meta Description.


Meta description is an HTML tag used in the header of a web page. It usually contains a summary of all the content that is on the page. It is usually placed right after the title tag and before the keyword meta tag. In search engine optimization (SEO), this is one of the important on-page factors that should not be underestimated.


Allows us to monitor the effects on an ongoing basis and, once the campaign is over, to draw conclusions which can be useful for the following year.

Last thoughts – analytics

At the end, the most important step before creating the strategy is to specify goals. Would you like to reach a new target group? Achieve higher sales? 

Another significant phase is the evaluation from an analytical point of view. Use the analytic tools and see overall results from which channel you receive the highest amount of incoming customers or final sales. That will help to think where and if to invest into the paid Ads.  

Do not forget to use the analytic tools as well after the events, to evaluate all aspects regarding new customers, sales, CTR, etc. 
Cyber Monday as well as Black Friday as mentioned before, can open new doors with new opportunities or just greater brand awareness.