Web analytics

We are a data-oriented company, which means for us the web analysis is a key tool to measure the selling power of your website. Thanks to a serie of thorough one-off analysis and long-term observing, we are able to find answers to all the crucial business questions.

Web analytics helps you to:

  • increase profits and lower costs
  • correctly set and evaluate measurable business goals
  • make right decisions
  • find new business opportunities
  • connect specific marketing channels
  • understand your target group, discover it’s needs, shopping habits and more
  • uncover the weaknesses of the current website
  • Understand your business in a wider context
  • Correctly evaluate data
  • Make your business more effective

Find out how your customers behave on your website. You can find out how they orient there, what interests them, where and how much time they spend, from what sources they come to your page and why.

Thanks to it, you can better cooperate with your target group and give your customers what they want and expect. Thorough web analytics will help you make your SEO, PPC campaigns, emailing, social media promotion, comparison shopping engines promotion, affiliate strategy, online PR, link building and other online marketing activities more effective.

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