SEO analysis

SEO analysis helps us to map the technicalities on your website and tell whether and how to improve them. This analysis will in the first stage help the search engine to understand your website and thus rank it better in both organic and paid search. The second stage will be focused on content and customers. Together we will find new ways how to constantly raise traffic on your website in the long term.

Why to choose us for a SEO analysis?

  • We are SEO specialists, we have one of the biggest SEO departments in the Czech Republic
  • We benefit from our experience with projects of all kinds and sizes
  • Over the years we have processed dozens of SEO analysis
  • We will analyse a website for you in Czech, English, German and Slovak

What do we examine as a part of the SEO analysis?

  1. The right choice of keywords and how to use them
  2. Existence and suitability of the entrance pages of your website
  3. Content and technical on-page factors
  4. Technical web solution and web navigation
  5. Existence of forbidden SEO techniques
  6. The behaviour of your customers on your website
  7. Possible technical mistakes hindering robots from crawling through your website (inability to go through it or even index it)
  8. Up-to-date position in organic results for specific keywords
  9. Internal net of links on your website and how to improve it
  10. The business effectivity of your website
  11. The pagespeed (how long it takes the user to load your website)
  12. The number and quality of backlinks leading to your website compared to your competitors
  13. Duplicates, duplicate websites
  14. Microdata
  15. Mobile SEO
  16. Local SEO
  17. … and much more

You can have the SEO analysis of your own website, just give us a shout.

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