Sales on Allegro

What may you expect from us?

✓ Detailed consultation for how to commence your sales on Allegro
✓ Implementation and maintenance of Allegro digital advertising options
✓ Assisting with the Allegro Analytics
✓ Up-to-date collaborative work with the Allegro Ads digital ecosystem

Give Allegro sales a try - what is included?

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Become one of the Allegro stores

We will provide you with the “starter pack”; Information about the documentation you may require, essential sources for information and contacts to the Allegro support.

Analyzing your product potential

We analyze how specifically your product fits the digital space of Allegro and which package suits you. Each package has different components and we will assist you to find the right one for you.

identifing competitors

Review of product data

Allegro can have different specifications for your product data than different online marketplaces. We double-check your data according to product segments and take localisation aspects into account for your product descriptions.

Clear use of the Allegro sub-services

Have you heard of Allegro Smart or Allegro Service Provider Network (SPN)? If not, do not worry, we are here to assist you with getting to know crucial functions which may result in a higher profit or greater awareness of your company.

Allegro Ads

We will help you to use the budget efficiently and choose the right fit within Allegro Ads and get even more visible to the customers.

Digital Store

Releasing an individualized store on Allegro can help you to convey and form your brand identity. We help you with a strategy for a customized store, deliver graphic solutions if needed, and maintain the store in line with topical digital trends.

Allegro PPC-strategy

Using PPC (price-per-click) allows us to determine the budget for online campaigns according to your business goals. We readily create a diverse combination of manual or automated ads-campaign with either keyword or product targeting.

Roman Teuschel

CEO of eVisions International

Why should you be interested in Allegro Marketplace?

  • 30% of Polish shoppers start with a search for desired products directly on Allegro and 91% end up buying the product there.


  • In 2022 the tool reached 22 million shoppers and 135 000 sellers monthly.


  • It is the biggest e-commerce tool of European origin, bringing opportunities for business for over 135 thousand companies.


  • Allegro keeps growing and expanding internationally, at the moment it is working successfully in Central and Eastern Europe


  • Acquisition of MALL Group and WE|DO opened more e-commerce doors.


  • Allegro has different packages for its clients so that they can fit your needs perfectly.


You can find more information about costs and other important information in the article on our blog.


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