Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Does anyone spread negative online messages about you? Did you make a mistake that you need to fix and show your stakeholders what and how did you change? We are here to improve your online reputation. In some cases we can also try to delete or modify the negative comments. After that we ensure that the positive and neutral messages will prevail. We will also make the negative comments difficult to find and we will set a complex mention monitoring about your brand, so that we can prevent or better react to potential crisis situations in the future. We will also provide you with ideas on content creation that will improve your online reputation and increase the loyalty of your current customers.

ORM in practice:

ORM is a very specific field of online marketing services with very specific needs varying by customers. Usually our job is to delete the negative references about your brand, product or service from the first page of organic searches by Google or Seznam. How do we do it?

  • We delete the negative messages, we can also make it impossible or difficult to find them
  • We promote the positive messages
  • We try to turn the negative messages into positive ones<úli>

Why to choose us for Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

  • Independence – all changes on the client’s website are carried out by us without the need to involve third parties.
  • Complexity – team for every project consists of experts in SEO, PPC, social media marketing, user experience, business effectiveness and other fields of online marketing.
  • Initiative and experience – we put our own ideas and experience into every project.
  • Flexibility – we listen to the clients needs and ideas and cooperate in harmony with the business interests.
  • User view – we focus on people, which means we apply our UX, social media and business effectiveness experience.
  • Strategy – we think for the future, that is why we leave the space for future changes.
  • Versatility – our solutions are transparent and easy to understand for all the involved parties.
  • Testing – we run both manual and automatic testing.
  • Expertise – our employees are top experts in online marketing fields with experience from projects of all sizes.

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