Sell on eBay

✓ onboarding and optimization for the eBay marketplace
✓ visual and text-based improvements for the display of your products
✓ customized solutions in line with the eBay requirements

Our services

Product selection

Some of your products might be more suitable to sell on eBay commercially than others. Our team at eVisions offers detailed recommendations and checks the compatibility of your products with eBay. We can also take a look at the competition in your market segment.

Onboarding and account setup

How to sell things on eBay? An eBay business account is required for eBay sales as a formal company. Our team helps you to launch the initialization of your B2C-sales on eBay and to set up your business account for commercial use.

Optimization of product data

The product data and descriptions can be adjusted by us in line with the specific requirements of eBay. For the purpose of keyword optimization our team can use eBay research tools to optimize for real user behavior.

Implementation of eBay Ads-options

We maintain the overview of diverse advertisement options in the eBay Ads-tool. Our goal is to make sure that the established advertisement option matches with your concrete product.

Roman Teuschel

CEO of eVisions International

Advantages of your integration on eBay

  1. Sell on eBay commercially, one of the key online marketplaces in the DACH-region. Over the past years eBay developed its initial C2C-focus and adopted many B2C-options.
  2. Improve your brand identity by building up a customized eBay Shop. For example, you can work with professional layout options, individualized categories, and highlight your unique product features or your brand history.
  3. The eBay platform allows to release advertisement campaigns over the entire customer journey.
  4. Sell internationally on eBay and acquire new markets.
  5. Receive detailed reporting for the implemented marketing campaigns.

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