Comparison shopping websites

Comparison shopping websites (known also as price comparison websites or simply shopbots) are used by customers to compare products across different eshops and choose the most suitable one. Nowadays these shopbots offer a complete catalogue of goods for every eshop that has signed up. The main criteria when choosing an eshop are both the price of the product that is being compared and the specific features of an eshop, especially its credibility, goods availability, shipping terms, location, customer reviews, etc. This makes the shopbots a very important part of the online shopping process. The connection between an e-shop and a shopbot is provided by a dynamic XML feed. The administration of your products on the shopbot platform is executed through a specific user interface. You can improve the position of your products by bidding in the system.

The czech shopbots (, belong in the most important business channels for czech e-shops. A regular and long-term optimization should be one of the essential activities of every e-shop.

In terms of comparison shopping website optimization we are active in the following areas:

  • Regular control of account
  • Regular control of the account settings – basic info, logo, price of the transport, list of branches, conversions tracking, “Approved by customers” label setting and current state of funds
  • XML audit with specific recommendations
  • Mistakes correction
  • Setting rules for better goods pairing
  • Budget, costs and click through price optimization

Optimization helps you to:

  • set the accounts correctly
  • send the right data from your e-shop
  • improve the goods pairing
  • improve your position on the product page
  • lower the advertising costs

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