Amazon sale

✓ detailed consultation on how to commence your sales via Amazon
✓ implementation and maintenance of Amazon's digital advertising options
✓ up-to-date collaborative work with the digital ecosystem 'Amazon Ads'

Give Amazon sales a try - what is included?

Analyzing your product potential

We analyze how exactly your product fits the digital space of Amazon. Some products are more suitable than others for the Amazon sales channel and we discuss demands and requirements with you.

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Review of product data

Amazon can have different specifications for your product data than different online marketplaces. We double-check your data according to product segments and take localisation aspects into account for your product descriptions.

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Amazon video ads

Videos are especially suitable for the communication of brand messages or specifications of difficult products. We guide you through the process of implementing Amazon video ads.

Bidding for Sponsored Products

The CPC (Cost-per-Click)-costs work on a bidding model for the display of sponsored products on Amazon. We can administer the bidding process and set bids according to your budget allocation.

Digital Store

To release an individualized store on Amazon, we can help you to convey and form your brand identity. We help you with a strategy for a customized store, deliver graphical solutions if needed, and maintain the store in line with topical digital trends.

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Amazon PPC-strategy

Using PPC (price-per-click) allows us to determine the budget for online campaigns according to your business goals. We readily create a diverse combination of manual or semi-automated advertisement campaigns with either keyword or product targeting.

Roman Teuschel

CEO of eVisions International

Results of selling on Amazon

  1. Sell products on one of the top-tier digital platforms for online shopping in Europe. To include Amazon in your sales strategy guarantees you to take up contact with the largest share of online customers.


  1. Digital advertising options. Amazon offers numerous advertising options to choose from depending on the performance and customized needs. For merchants, this means strategic flexibility.


  1. Increased engagement time. Thanks to its enormous number of users Amazon is appropriate to improve users’ engagement time with your products and thus your brand awareness.


  1. Coverage of one of the most important sales channels. Amazon Marketplace is leading among all different online sales channels in many countries. To be present on Amazon enables you to enter the international competition.

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